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50% off everything! Discount shown at check out.

Thai Curry Kits for Two

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7 steps in 7 minutes. That's just epic.

If you love Thai food and you're like me and never thought you could make it at home (in 7 minutes no less), then you probably just got your mind blown with this 3 set Thai Curry Kit offering.

The authentic ingredients are from an organic farm in Thailand. Each kit serves two. Just add your own protein and vegetables and serve over rice.

GREEN CURRY is a medium spicy crowd pleaser. Kit includes dried herbs, green curry seasoning, green curry paste, coconut milk.

PANANG CURRY is a sweet curry with a thick coconut milk and medium spice. Kit includes dried herbs, panang curry seasoning, panang curry paste, coconut milk.

Chili peppers are RED CURRY's main ingredient making this spicy and aromatic. Kit includes dried herbs, red curry seasoning, red curry paste, coconut milk.

Your purchase includes one of each of the above Thai Curry Kits.