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A Limited Edition Deluxe Specialty Food Box: Tasting France 2021

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Seriously, mes amis. You have no idea how thrilled I am to be able to present Tasting France, my deluxe signature specialty food box...from my table to yours.


Each deluxe 7 pound box boasts 9 non-perishable foodstuffs, a complimentary gift item, and access to a private invitation-only VIP Tasting Room Facebook Group where you'll get instructions on how best to use (read: eat) your goodies, get first dibs on future boxes, get exclusive access to even more limited availability food items, and, of course, show off how you enjoyed your French booty.

Inside my Tasting France 2021 box, you'll discover some of my favorite items, all of which are authentically French:

  • One of my absolute favorites is the French Morello Cherries soaked in Kirsch liqueur that reminds me of my French Aunt Astrid's eau de vie-soaked cherries that some of my Paris travel guests have fallen in love with (and fallen asleep Wait til I tell you how many ways there are to enjoy these lovelies....
  • And if you want to walk into your kitchen and smell the aromatic South of France, there's a generous 5.29 ounce aromatic burlap bag of Herbes de Provence that reminds me of the epic Côte d'Azur.
  • And a French box wouldn't be French without traditional Bourgogne Escargots manufactured in Dijon (the heart of Burgundy) that make my mouth water and remind me of plump garlic and butter soaked escargot atop a piece of crunchy baguette. (Don't worry if this is your first go 'round with escargots; I'll talk you through it in our private Facebook group.)

While there are actually 9 items in your deluxe Tasting France box, I'm staying true to my sense of adventure and surprise by teasing you with a little taste of what's inside. #suchatease


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