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50% off everything! Discount shown at check out.

Savory Sauces from the Kingdom of Eswatini

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These delicious sauces are made in the Kingdom of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland. Now you can get a taste of Southern Africa delivered straight to your mailbox!

African Hot Sauce (4 pack)

Give all of your taste buds a trip to Eswatini with this set of four (halaal & fair trade) chili sauces that are 1.7oz each:

Pineapple: Mild & Sweet

Made with real pineapples, this hot sauce is a glowing tropical sunset of sweet punchy flavors. Perfect for stir-fries, delicious accompanying cheese and cold meats.

Peri-Peri: Hot & Tangy

Portuguese born and now an African legend. Spicy, creamy, tangy and totally addictive. Perfect for chicken wings, marinades, and to pour on everything and anything

Cayenne: Hot

Made with organically grown cayenne chilies and fresh herbs. Delicious with meats, eggs, pizza, and just anything that needs to be shaken up.

Habanero: Extra Hot

Africa meets the Caribbean with this citrusy hot sauce made of organically grown habanero chilies and fresh herbs. Great on anything that needs a serious dose of heat and flavor.

Store in a dry cool place. Refrigerate after opening and use within 4 months. Shake well before use. 


Basil Cayenne Pesto

This scrumptious combination of fresh, organic basil, cayenne chilies, African macadamia nuts, and extra virgin olive oil will stimulate your senses with its rich flavors and intense aroma. Pair it with pasta and grated parmesan cheese for the perfect dish or top sandwiches and wraps for an explosion of taste. Medium hot. Gluten free. 7.1 oz.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening and use within 2 weeks. Make sure to top the unused pesto with olive oil so that it covers the herbs.


OF NOTEYour purchase helps farmers in eSwatini with fair wages — many of whom are "gogos," women supporting grandchildren orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

My friends at Black Mamba run a social business whose mission is to bring fresh, sustainable made food products to the world that taste look, look good and do good. Products are made with fresh ingredients sourced locally from small holders that are trained in permaculture and organic farming, and no added nonsense (no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives). Through this partnership, Black Mamba gets fresh, organically grown ingredients for the making of the products, and the farmers get a sustainable income as well as knowledge in regenerative farming practices that are also good for the Earth. To date, the positive impact from the business model reaches over 500 individuals in Eswatini, and is expected to grow to over 1000 individuals in the next 2 years.