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50% off everything! Discount shown at check out.

Gourmet French Jammy Jam Sampler

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What we might call jam here in the States is what the French would call confiture (though not necessarily the same consistency). One of the main differences isn't just how it's prepared (aka preserved), but how it's used.

Made by a family-run business based in Southern France specialising in producing high-end 100% organic confiture, their products focus on taste as well as health. Their products have the highest concentrations of fruits on the market (70%+), and, at the same time, the lowest total sugar content, using only the best organic fruit and ingredients.

These four 50g bad boys I've selected (and repeatedly eaten) are great on ice cream, yogurt, soft cheese, biscuits, croissants, crepes, pancakes, waffles, scones, toast, etc. And you don't need a lot either.

Invite a friend over for tea and crumpets maybe? LOL Or just enjoy them all by your fabulous self.

Gourmet French Jammy Jam Sampler Pack includes:

Banane Vanille Rhum & Açaí (Banana Vanilla Rum & Açaí)
Bananas sourced from the Dominican Republic and Bourbon vanilla are caramelized and then deglazed with amber rum in order to obtain both the taste and texture of the flamed bananas. Açai berries, known in South America for their antioxidant and energizing properties, add flavors of red berries and chocolate. 50g

Griotte Thé Matcha (Morello Cherry Matcha Tea)
Tiny, acidic, and confit morello cherries are slowly braised with matcha tea, which is known to reduce cholesterol levels as well as prevent the development of heart and circulatory diseases. 50g

Pomme Caramel et Fleur de Sel (Apple Caramel & Sea Salt)
A recipe originating from Normandy and Brittany (France) where apples are slowly heated in a caramel prepared with grains of “fleur de sel” (sea salt) from Guérande. 50g

Lait Vanille (Vanilla Milk)
The Dulce de Leche recipe originated in Argentina. It is known for the very long, slow heating of unpasteurized milk with unrefined cane sugar. The addition of pods of Bourbon vanilla and grains of “fleur de sel” (aka sea salt) from Guérande (France) give caramel cream flavors to its unctuous texture. 50g
Refrigerate after opening.
150g sizes coming soon so you can have more of what you didn't even know you loved until now.

You don't have to travel to try something new....

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