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50% off everything! Discount shown at check out.

French History in Your Mouth

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This is just SO cool.

So these two young women from southern France are food historians that re-create artisanal biscuits (cookies and such) from recipes from the past.

Trained as historians, they wanted to share their passion for French history and pastry-making and created an original and fun concept: discover history... by eating it


I know, I know. You think the macarons that we eat today are the macarons of the Grand Siècle (the reign of Louis XIV), but they aren't. In France, the first macaron recipe mentioned in a recipe book dates to the 17th century: an almond macaron with a cracked crust with almonds, sugar and egg whites. It's both soft and crunchy. Oh, and really really good.


This soft chocolate confection has an intense taste of chocolate and almond, and was one of the nobility's favorite treats at the court of Versailles. This is one of the first chocolate pastries in history. Does not contain flour, dairy products or added fat (butter, oil). 


Your order includes one box of Le Macaron and one box of Massepins Chocolat.