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French Gourmet Honey Box

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Um. These gourmet honeys are spreadable, a surprise in your mouth, and just waiting to be savored. In short, they are THE BOMB. #IJS 

Whether you spoon it in your latte cup or smear it on your body or your toast (with brie!), these four uniquely tasty jars of gourmet honey harvested in France will tickle your tastebuds. And their descriptions definitely speak for themselves. Read on to see what the fuss is about....

  • Lavender Honey from Provence (150g)

Aromatic and with a strong flavor, this unctuous pearly honey is a gateway to Provence. Let yourself be guided by the fruity and sweet almond aftertaste. Growing on rocky and sun drenched soil, lavender is the emblematic essence of Provence. With beehives snuggled into the heart of this region of strong traditions, beekeepers and their meticulous workers concentrate the variety of local aromas into this unique honey. MSRP: $11 (150g)

  • White Heather Honey from Hérault (150g)

Rare and particularly enjoyed by connoisseurs, this golden honey and its smooth texture will surprise you with the strength of its inimitable note of caramel. Its aromas are rich and complex, fragrances of leather and brown sugar merging with voluptuous flavors which are malted, slightly spiced, and roasted. MSRP: $11 (150g)

  • Maple Blossom Honey from the Ardennes Forest (150g)

With its smooth texture and shimmering shades, this honey, while gently melting in your mouth, releases tobacco and musky white flower aromas and reveals warm notes of salted butter caramel, counterbalanced with a fleeting freshness like artichoke. MSRP: $11 (150g)

  • Carrot Honey from Languedoc (150g)

This extremely rare honey is recognizable by its creamy texture, amber shades, and powerful aroma. Let yourself be surprised by the strong herbaceous odors and a slight hint of aniseed. It is in the land of the Occitan language that these beekeepers, passionate about diversity of the region, have selected this exceptional honey that will take you on a flavorsome journey. MSRP: $11 (150g)

  • BONUS: Honey from the Soils of the Champagne Region (50g)

With a discreet fruity taste, this honey with an airy and voluptuous aroma is characterized by its smooth grain and immaculate color which portrays the chalky lands in the Champagne region. With a mix of hillsides bordered by woods and plains rich in flowers, this region is particularly appreciated by bees and produces a honey with all of the magic of this prestigious land. MSRP: $6 (50g)

This box also includes a cute little crooked honey spoon. MSRP: $3.50



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