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50% off everything! Discount shown at check out.

Cherry Delight Trio

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There are 3 cherry products inside this delightful box.

First, Griottines. That's The Big Jar of cherries soaked in Kirsch. They're from France and they're famous. Pack a nice little punch. Magnificent over ice cream or eaten straight out of the jar. Very popular during holiday time in France, I eat them all year around because I can. #eyetwinkle (For adults.)

Second, Mon Cheri Chocolates. I always used to have these out for my travel guests that came to Paris. I sent for them from Germany because they don't sell them here in the U.S. Each morsel is a chocolate covered cherry with a liquored up center. These pack a punch too. You'll see. (For adults.)

Third, Dark Chocolate Cherry Toffee. Made right here in the USA. No way could I have a cherry box and not put these inside. They aren't soaked in anything except goodness, but they're just really good. A nice little addition to the box.


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