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African Fonio Pilaf by Yolélé (2 pack)

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If you love couscous, you'll definitely love fonio, a gluten-free low calorie-density ancient African grain that has been a treasured source of nutrition across West Africa for generations. 

It is light + fluffy, and has a slightly nutty, earthy flavor. It soaks up spices and sauces beautifully, making it a perfect base to just about anything.

Cooks in 5 minutes!

Senagalese chef Pierre Thiam is the founder of Yolélé, which is a term of exuberance in the Fulani language and is shouted out to get parties started and people dancing! 

So let's get this West African fonio pilaf party started, shall we? Yolélé!

Jollof Fonio Pilaf ("The Party"): Considered by many to be West Africa's most famous dish, Jollof is a rich and savory party dish best served with saucy meat, beans or hearty greens.

Yassa Fonio Pilaf ("The Spice"): One of Senegal's most popular dishes, Yassa is made with lots of caramelized onions, lime, and a kick of chili pepper; best served with grilled chicken or fish.

Greens Fonio Pilaf ("The Garden"): Moringa is a West African tree known for its highly nutritious leaves. This bright and savory blend is great with grilled fish or chicken, a pot of beans, or in a veggie burger.

Dakar Curry Fonio Pilaf ("The Market"): Inspired by the multicultural capital of Senegal, this mild curry blend emphasizes warm spices like turmeric and is delicious with stir fries, ratatouille or lentils.

Afro-Funk Fonio Pilaf ("The Music"): Dawadawa is a seasoning made with fermented locust beans which come from drought-resistant trees that grow across West Africa. Its earthy complexity packs a nutrient-dense, probiotic punch.