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Tasting France: Tracey's Story

Tasting France: Tracey's Story

For those of you who know about my long term relationship with France or have traveled with me to Paris, the Dordogne, the Côte d'Azur or Avignon via Tracey Friley Travel, then you know I have been traveling and eating my way around the region for over 35 years.

Recently, a lovely woman on my personal Facebook page commented about how proud she was that I was able to "segue into a totally new environment [by offering specialty food boxes...while] actually still stay[ing] connected to travel."

My immediate thought was But this isn't new to me. 

One look at my sleepy travel IG will show you I've eaten cassoulet in Castelnaudary, foie gras in Le Périgord, grapes off the vine in Saint-Émilion, beef bourguignon, boudin, soupe à l'oignon, macarons, aligot, American soul food & escargots in ParisTuiles in Toulouse, Tarte Tropézienne in Coulommiers (pictured below), Herbes de Provence potato chips in Nice, Quiche in Gordes, Tartes aux Pommes in Cannes, Pèrou in Avignon (where I also took a cooking class), and way more than I could possibly ever share.

I have hosted and attended dinner parties in Paris and created feasts for hungry travelers.

I have encouraged women to try foods they wouldn't normally try: escargot and vin chaud (pictured left) and chestnuts roasting on an open fire.  

I've shopped at the Marché, the Boulangerie, the Pâtisserie, the Boucherie and roamed the halls of Salon du Chocolat

I have spent time at more French cafés and restaurants than I could even count or remember and had some of the best home cooked French meals I've ever had out in the French countryside with my French family (by marriage).

I am a foodie and a (grounded) traveler; not French, but a Francophile. I even ran a French-themed gift shop for 13 years. I am curious, picky and get a thrill showing folks my version of the world so they can then go out and make it their own.

So no, I thought to myself as I considered the nice woman's comment on my personal Facebook page, I am not new at this.

But yes, I responded politely, I am a seasoned foodie and avid traveler...with a brand new box.

xo Tracey

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