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A Toast to Whatever's Next

A Toast to Whatever's Next

This past Monday, I put a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator in anticipation of celebrating my final day at my art studio. I was moving out. Moving on.
On Thursday evening, after getting home from storage, I pulled out my favorite vintage champagne coupe, dropped an aromatic strawberry flavored 16 calorie sugar cube    in the bottom of my perfect stemware, and poured a glass of champagne. 🍾
The combination of the champagne & the sugar cube made a fun fizzle, and after watching it for a bit I took a sip of a delightful strawberry champagne cocktail. Not too sweet either. It was just right.
I made a toast to Whatever’s Next and savored my drink.
Last night, I used a raspberry sugar cube but I ran out of champagne after 1 glass. 😜 #therespeachtoo!
Cheers to Whatever’s Next! 🥂
Note: If you don’t drink champagne, sparkling water works too.
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