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50% off everything! Discount shown at check out.
50% off everything! Discount shown at check out.

Specialty Boxes for Explorers of Food

From my table to yours...

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.


Let's Connect Through Food!


Welcome to my table!

Hi! I’m Tracey and I am a National Geographic Traveler of the Year and an Explorer of Food. 

I think food is beautiful; I want everything I eat to taste good; and one of my biggest joys is discovering The New, passing it on, and connecting with folks through food. #thatwouldbeyou



Join me?

Cheers... connecting through food! Diane P. | Oakland California Customer Extraordinaire


Absolutely hands down one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time! Literally everything was thought about and executed with perfection. Just receiving the honey box was a true experience and truly a highlight of my day. This is definitely a must purchase item!! You will not be disappointed. Oh and yes, the honey was amazing. It was smooth and delightful!

Rosalind N.

Six stars and six exclamation points (!!!!!!) all for the attention to detail Tracey puts into her boxes.

What a joy it is to open, taste and explore.

It is quite obvious she is a passionate travel aficionado, and delivering a taste to doorsteps whets the appetite. So clever and unique.

Patrick O.

My French box is a delight. The attention to detail is unmatched. Tracey left not one thing to chance; the very definition of charming. The contents are your getaway to France, but the unboxing is as much of an experience as the contents. I didn't know until I received the box that my life was missing an escargot serving plate. I am anxiously awaiting what's next!

Michael D.

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Items here on Tracey's Table are either PANTRY ITEMS or BOXED ITEMS and are marked as such. PANTRY ITEMS are combined together for shipping into one package, while BOXED ITEMS are shipped in their respective individual boxes. For example, the French BOX and African Fonio Pilaf BOX have two separate shipping charges while the Chocolate Bars and Tea Bags are PANTRY ITEMS and can be combined in one package for shipping. If you would like us to put a PANTRY ITEM inside one of the BOXED ITEMS, please leave a note in the check-out cart and the appropriate shipping charges will be refunded upon receipt of your order.